Say hello to raybaby! At the LA Baby Show, Nov 3 & 4

This is our 4th show this year; we’ve steadily moved west from DC, New York, Vegas and now LA. At every show, we’ve absolutely enjoyed the interactions with visitors – from understanding what customers are seeking, to find validation for a new product and mostly, to see the excitement when we show them what raybaby can do! That has to be our favorite part!

This weekend, we’ll be at the Magic Box at the Reef. Come over to say hello! We’ve got a few things lined up especially for this show:

  1. If you’re buying raybaby at our booth, you get it for an unbeatable price of $200!

  2. Take a selfie at the raybaby booth, post in on Instagram and tag us to get an Amazon voucher!

  3. Expectant parents, this one’s for you! Take the #raybabybumpchallenge and get featured on our Instagram page! Balance something – anything – on your baby bump and take a picture! We’ve got foodie bumps, halloween bumps, pet bumps…what’s yours going to be?!  

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