raybaby celebrates World CP day!

When the creators of raybaby began building the world’s first non-contact sleep and respiration tracker for babies, it was with a view to providing new parents with peace of mind. Thousands of hours of research had shown that in a bid to ensure that their babies were breathing and sleeping normally, parents themselves would lose precious rest. The development teams also dedicated months to exploring the most likely applications. It was found that raybaby could help with tracking breathing for infants with respiratory conditions and provide alerts when something wasn’t right. It could predict medical events via tracking changes in regular breathing patterns. Since its inception, the key focus has been finding wider application for this wonderful vital monitoring technology. That’s why it was particularly satisfying when the raybaby team received the following feedback from parents who had purchased the product:

Tiffany turner-Banks: “Baby Ryder is diagnosed with cerebral palsy 

And when he sleeps most of the time he breathes very slow and most of the time he chokes from his saliva and reflux and struggles to breathe. And sometimes after chocking, he breathes too fast, So this Data is very useful for us.  I truly appreciate, your device is very useful to us.”

Hugh Turner-Banks: “I must say Raybaby has saved my sons life, My Baby Ryder (Zhanayah) was diagnosed withholding Cerebral Palsy and has breathing issues, Ray
Baby is able to tell my wife via the app when Baby Z is breathing slowly this is amazing and we want to say thank you guys every parent with Cerebral Palsy need this technology well-done guy.”

Thanks to the fact that these parents brought attention to how raybaby has helped their baby, this World Cerebral Palsy day, the raybaby team wants to bring attention to the condition and explain how raybaby can help.

Cerebral Palsy is a disorder that permanently affects muscle movement. This results in weakness, bad coordination, tremors and speech impediments. In many cases, it may result in a sensory loss as well. Since it is a muscle disorder, it is possible that the condition affects breathing. It has been seen that children with cerebral palsy are vulnerable to respiratory infections. Sleep disorders are also common in those afflicted. As a result of excessive drooling (which could result in choking),  body pain and respiratory issues, between 23% – 46% (depending on the study) of children suffering from cerebral palsy suffer from sleep problems. Raybaby tracks the respiration rate with an accuracy of 98%. It provides feedback on baby sleep that better helps parents make better decisions regarding sleep training and healthy sleep practices. Positive customer feedback says more than anything else.

Raybaby recognises how much it’ll mean to parents to function a little outside the context of their child’s disabilities, so in anticipation of the 6th of October, World Cerebral Palsy Day, Raybaby will be giving out units of Raybaby to some amazing moms out there. To be eligible to win, enter on instagram: @raybabyjournal and follow the instructions.

Raybaby believes that all babies, big, small, differently-abled, deserve a good night’s rest because #differentisbeautiful.

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