Mums, rock that baby bump!

How many ways can you celebrate being pregnant? At raybaby, we thought it’d be fun to celebrate pregnancy by celebrating the bump! And so was born the raybaby bump challenge. We think of it as a fun, happy way to enjoy the baby bump.

How it works:

  • Visibly pregnant? Find yourself balancing a doughnut or a saucer on your bump? You’re already doing the challenge!
  • Take a photography or if you want to make it more challenging – a 10 second video – balancing something – anything – on your baby bump!
  • Be creative, be interesting – and be safe, of course!
  • Post  on your instagram page and challenge other pregger friends to try it!

And don’t forget to hashtag #raybabyjournal and #raybabybumpchallenge

Let’s go celebrate that bump!

PS: We’ve already got Foodie Bumps, Pet Bumps, Cute Baby Accessory Bumps… what’s yours going to be?


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  1. November 2, 2018

    […] parents, this one’s for you! Take the #raybabybumpchallenge and get featured on our Instagram page! Balance something – anything – on your baby […]

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