How Does A Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Work?

We have done a lot of extensive research on some of the best baby monitors, and tried to test how do they work? While video monitors were once a luxury item, now they have become more of a normal product. Since the prices of the baby monitor have slashed down, a lot of people opt for buying a baby monitor, where they can see their babies from anywhere and ensure they are safe. This is where the Wi-Fi baby monitor comes into the play.

Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Work:

Different types of Baby Monitor and their Functionalities

There are different types of baby monitor available in the market, and the most commonly used baby monitors are Analog, Digital, and Wi-Fibased baby monitors.


These are the oldest forms of the baby monitor. These baby monitors function similar to radios as they work on the WWII principle. One side of the baby monitor is the receiver, and the other end is the transmitter. The transmitter of the baby monitor picks the sounds with the help of a microphone and transmits the sound to the receiver via radio signals.


Digital baby monitors are similar to the Analog baby monitors in terms of having one receiver and one transmitter. The only difference in the digital baby monitor is how the signal is being transmitted from one end to the other? Each piece of the baby monitor transmits multiple frequencies in a semi-random pattern. And this transmission pattern is only known to the monitor set. This method of transmission is known as Frequency-hopping spread spectrum.

This method helps the baby monitor to secure the signals and reduce the interference. The digital baby monitor also makes the video transmissions possible.

Wi-Fi based Baby Monitors

This is the latest of all the baby monitor types. The difference between Wi-Fi based baby monitor and the other two baby monitors is that the signals are not directly transmitted to the receiver. Instead, the signals are transmitted to the local Wi-Fi router.

This way, the Wi-Fi baby monitor works like any other gadget on the network, making it possible for you to see the baby from anywhere in your home, or world.

Advantages of Wi-Fi based Baby Monitor

Wi-Fi based baby monitors come with a video camera for video feeding the babies. Also, the Wi-Fi based baby monitors come with extra features like night vision, infrared, and other low light options.

One can also use a companion app which helps in remote viewing your baby. You can watch your baby through smartphones with the help of companion app for your Wi-Fi baby monitor. Also, the latest Wi-Fi baby monitors come with VoIP feature which enables you to speak with your baby over the internet.

Other benefits of having the Wi-Fi based baby monitor would be some of the following listed below:

  • Pulse monitoring
  • Motion monitoring
  • Night lights
  • Lullabies that are preset
  • PTZ camera functionality.

On a final note, the Wi-Fi enabled baby monitors help you to record what is being transmitted so you can keep a watch on the sleeping patterns of your baby, check if your baby is crawling out of his or her crib, or else record their cute sleeping into a digital record.

With all these advantages over digital and analog baby monitors, the Wi-Fi baby monitors have become so popular in today’s world. The Wi-Fi baby monitors help you to keep a watch on your baby’s activity from anywhere in the world. You can track the activities through your smart phones with the help of companion apps, and even record the transmission for future reference.

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