False notifications, and how to fix it

Some of the most asked questions about raybaby are about false notifications and we found that the most common cause is incorrect placement of raybaby. What we have here are the possible false notifications, along with a solution.

1. “Baby is sleeping” or Baby’s breathing rate, when they are not in the crib.

  • The most frequent offenders are crib mobiles or moving toys. Because they are in the ideal range of raybaby’s tracking, and move in a pattern similar to a baby’s breathing wave – slowly but continuously. Taking away the crib mobiles or a similar baby toy, or even the table fan will solve this issue. Do check if other pets or adults are in the vicinity as that could also be a cause of interference. 
  • We recommend that you should be behind the baby as raybaby takes the breathing rate of the closest one to the raybaby. The ideal distance for the parent or pets to be near the baby and raybaby is beyond 1.5m or 4 feet.
  • raybaby is active within a circular range of 0 to 7 ft.

2. “Baby awake” when they are asleep.

Are there moving objects in the vicinity of the crib?

  • The Snoo crib/bassinet is used to rock baby to sleep. if you use Snoo, the rocking movement will produce false readings even if the baby is asleep. This can be avoided by turning off the Snoo’s movement option while using raybaby.
  • Is raybaby placed close to a window? Moving curtains/blinds can produce false readings because raybaby is capable of picking up movement all around it, within a radius of 0-7 feet. To avoid this, shift the monitor and the crib away from the window.

3. Baby “not in the crib” when they are in it.

Is raybaby placed beyond 1.5m/ 4ft from the baby as shown below?

For the most accurate tracking, raybaby should be between 1.9 – 3.2 ft from the baby and facing them (as shown below).

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