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Baby monitors are extra ears and eyes that gives parents peace of mind. With the right baby monitor, you will never need to look into the nursery to see what your baby is doing. Two-way communication, automatic mobile notification, and temperature sensors are some of the features that help parents stay connected with their babies.

Types of Baby Monitor

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Wi-Fi Baby Monitor:

Wi-Fi baby monitors connect to your home internet network and can be controlled using your smartphones. Most Wi-Fi baby monitors are equipped with video and audio capabilities. You can simply use any voice assistant like Siri, Google Voice or the baby monitor app to check your baby when it is in the nursery. Most of the Wi-Fi baby monitors allow you to check the real-time footage of your baby using your smartphone even when you are away from home. Wi-Fi baby monitors are also capable of storing the video footage via mobile app or the cloud storage for you to review the footage anytime from anywhere.

Video Baby Monitors:

Most of the video baby monitors include video and audio capabilities. The video baby monitors often have a speaker and in-built microphone to enable two-way audio to speak and monitor your baby from another room. If you are willing to spend decent money on the video baby monitor, you can get a colour display screen. If not, you can use your mobile screen for the same functionality. Video baby monitors are often purchased for the camera functionality, allowing the parents to monitor their baby real-time. Latest video baby monitors are equipped with features like digital zoom and storage for photos and videos, night vision, etc.

Audio-only baby monitors:

Audio-only baby monitors allow you to hear your baby’s voice. These baby monitors do not come with a display screen to see your baby real-time. Some audio monitors come with two-way communication feature that allows the parents to sing lullabies or speak to the baby through the monitor. Most of the audio-only baby monitors do not include temperature sensors or heart-rate monitoring. Still, they do include range indicator and low-battery indicator to keep your audio baby monitor work properly. With the audio-only feature of the baby monitor, you can expect a crystal clear voice without much background noise or static.

Baby monitors are one of the best and safest ways to keep an eye on your baby. Don’t forget to know the needs of your baby and any special features you will need to feel that the baby monitor is working perfectly fine for both your baby and you. Due to advancement in technology, most of the baby monitors come with rechargeable batteries, to avoid the cost of batteries, the camera quality in baby monitors is improved a lot. Also, the LCD colour displays help you see your baby pretty clear when it is in the nursery.


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