Baby Monitors: Should Parents Stick to Basic?


Recently a lot of parents were mortified when they heard strangers speaking to their babies in the middle of the night, through the baby monitor. The reason was that a lot of baby monitors available in the market did not pass the security test. This left many parents horrified about the security of their babies.

The Internet

The internet can be both a boon and bane as a lot of networking devices are connected to it across the world, and security is one primary thing which every device needs to have. When a lot of baby monitor manufacturers have come up with internet-based monitors, many parents felt happy that they could monitor their babies through their smartphones. However, every technology has its perks and downsides, right?

Family’s safety

When you purchased the first Baby sleep monitor, a lot of you might have safety as the first priority in your mind.
The basic functionality of a baby monitor is the audio feature. It enables the parents to hear their baby when it is feeling uncomfortable while sleeping. The talkback feature of the baby monitor helps the parents to sing a lullaby and pacify the baby even if they are away. But, what if the very device which you have against harm is the one that brings terror into your home?

Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

Wi-Fi baby monitors are packed with a combination of modern and basic features. Some of these features include crisp video and audio transmission, night lights, 2-way talkback, sound-activated multiple camera monitors, etc.
However, the vulnerability of the Wi-Fi baby monitors comes from the basic loophole of the internet connection without encryption.
So, how to know if the baby monitor you have is safe or not?

Security and Encryption

Most of the parents might not understand the basic security features needed in a baby monitor, and hence end up buying the one which is more vulnerable to hacks.

To protect the baby monitors from being hacked, most of the customers keep changing the password of their network and feel that the hackers might find it challenging to crack the password. However, this is not true. Changing of a password alone does not increase the security levels of the system.

On the flip side, some of the baby monitors come with complex encryption which a non-techie parent might find it difficult to understand. So, until the giant manufacturers of the baby monitors make the things less complex to understand, most of the non-techie parents might be vulnerable to baby monitor hacking or else end up spending a lot of money in hiring an expert to do the required security encryption.

Making a Choice

At the end of the day, as a parent, you need to make a choice based on the needs you have for your baby. Weigh the priorities and choose the one which has the highest security encryption and the instructions easier to understand. Security and privacy of the family is the priority, and it should not be compromised in any terms.

First-time baby monitor users must know what level of complexity they can handle in terms of operating the baby monitors and then take a call accordingly.

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