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Baby Monitors Secure

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As a parent, you invest a lot in securing your family. Our homes have become smarter than before with Wi-fi enabled devices ranging from lights to baby monitors, but the security of the systems have not upgraded yet.

Any device that is connected to the internet is a gateway for your privacy. This is the major reason why you need to be careful about the number of devices that are connected to the internet, to protect the privacy of your family.

Some of the best baby monitor available in the market are much secured and hacking them is not so easy.

However, we have provided a detailed guide on how to keep your Baby monitor secure?

Review The Baby Monitor Security Features Available And Use It

Most of the reputable baby breathing monitor manufacturers like Raybaby list the security features on their website. Before buying a baby sleep monitor make sure to check the security features and understand them. Before you start using the baby monitor, make sure to enable the security features like 2-factor authentication.

Change the default password of the baby monitor to a secured password which is long and unique. Also, make sure to update the software, whenever there is an official release from the manufacturer. This helps the product to be more secure and free from bugs.

Register Your Device With The Manufacturer

If a manufacturer identifies some security vulnerabilities in the product, then they might issue a patch or a recall. Unless you register your product, you might not be able to hear from the manufacturer regarding the security vulnerabilities.

Make Sure That The Baby Monitor Has An Encrypted Connection

Before buying a baby sleep monitor, the first thing to look for is, whether the manufacturer provides an encrypted connection or not? Encryption of the device ensures that the hackers will not be able to check the details of the footage, even if they hack it.

Shut Down The Baby Monitors And Other Security Systems Regularly

It is recommended to shut down the security devices, and baby monitors at least once a week and power them back up. This makes the baby monitor device to grab the updates and security patches and install them to correct or fix any bug present in the device. This way, your device becomes the greatest and latest.

Assign An Email To The Baby Monitor

Make sure to assign an email to the baby monitor as soon as the device is un-boxed. This way, unless the primary email is hacked, the hackers cannot get the footage.

Create Strong Password for Your Home Broadband

If you have different strings of password and connect them, then it is often easier to remember. Backup these passwords with the help of any password managers.

Setup Personal Alerts

Setup, a personal Google, Alerts for your baby monitor so that you can get real time updates if there are any security issues present in the device. This is like a set and forget kind of protection for the device.

These are some best possible ways to keep your baby monitor secure.

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