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The generation is really heading towards globalization very fastly so it’s the need of the hour to work accordingly to make the future of their next-generation better and beautiful as well. But as we are heading towards a technology-rich world we generally tend to lose something too. Like in the rush of giving the children a better life we tend to lose some quality time with our own children only. So to get a way out from this issue you can get a baby monitor app named Raybaby. This is an app that is an android as well as an iOS-based app.

Baby monitor App For ios & Android Overview – Raybaby

  • The technology with the very high-end application: Raybaby is an app that has been based on very developed technology, as well as software, is also very high-end. The major thing which this app does is that it helps in staying connected through video all if they are away for their work.  
  • You can sense the breathing and sleeping pattern as well: there must be times when it is really impossible to video call just to see that the baby is sleeping or he/she is okay or not. So when you can’t video call you can sense and view the breathing and sleeping pattern when your baby is swaddled also. If the baby is swaddled it will not create any hindrance in sensing the pattern. There are many sleep tracking apps available in the Play store and app store as well but among them, Raybaby is the most trusted and accurate app. 
  • Baby video monitor: there is a smart video monitor that you can also say as a cloud baby monitor just to keep you updated and aware related to your kid that how is he/she and how he/she is doing. You really don’t need to make a call you just open the app and you can connect directly with your kid without disturbing him/her. 
  • You can also maintain a smart journal: having a journal is very important because it helps in knowing about your kid’s mental as well as physical growth and Raybaby is one such baby monitor track app. So Raybaby will help you gather an accurate and exact track related to the progress of your baby very precisely.  
  • Feature of Walkie-Talkie: Walkie-Talkie is a great way to listen to your baby’s voice perfectly and apart from baby monitoring video call you can sometimes use this feature also to directly listen to the voice of your baby without any hindrance and disconnection. So in this wifi baby monitoring app Raybaby, you can always feel connected to your baby even if you are in a distance physically.
  • When you can turn iPad into baby monitor: when you install the app you can get many options starting from monitoring your baby to sensing as well and when you get more information this IP camera baby monitor app Raybaby you will get to know that you can convert your iPad into a monitor which you can use as a 24/7 monitor so that you can always stay connected with your baby.


What does AI technology do in this app and what are the advantages of this technology?

AI technology stands for Artificial intelligence technology which senses even minute radiation and can alert you and the connected people at the very same moment. The AI receives the radiations and helps in converting it into a form of data where it can be directly conveyed to the parents. It is super able to predict each and every moment of your kid starting from the breathing pattern to the sleeping pattern as well when you are not nearby. This baby monitor free AppRaybaby is an open source app which means you don’t need to pay anything at all the thing which you need is only a phone or iPad which you can convert into a monitor or Walkie-Talkie so that you stay connected with your kid all the time. 


How to Turn Old Smart Phones Into Baby Monitors?

Ans: After you download the app, there you can see many options that can help you stay connected with your kid like that only, there is an option which says convert phone(iPad) into a monitor. You just need to click that particular option and that’s it you are ready to go.

Do sleep tracking apps really work?

Ans: yes, sleeping track really works because of the AI technology present because it can sense small and minute radiation also so you can gather sleeping as well as breathing pattern as well.

Conclusion related to Raybaby:

 This app has been a great helping hand to all those mothers who aspire a lot for their kids and for their career as well. We believe that women can do everything and they can be multitasking in each field and also they can excel in each field as well. So related to caring for the baby, they can get that from their knowledge but when it comes to taking care of kids Raybaby is the best and the perfect thing you can do when you aren’t close to your baby because of your work. 

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